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In Akmola region, within the framework of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan", the municipal state institution "Smart Aqmola" was created under the akim's office of Akmola region.

Main goal is implementation of state programs through the use of digital technologies in the medium term, and creating conditions for the transition region on a fundamentally new path of development, ensuring the creation of the digital economy of the future in the long term. In other words, the institution is designed to implement the state program in different sectors of the region, and is also the office of digitalization in Akmola region.

Project office "Smart Aqmola", through the use of digital technologies will ensure the transition to a fundamentally new trajectory of development in the following areas:" Open akimat"," Smart health"," Smart education"," Smart agro"," Smart transport"," Smart housing"," Safe city","Innovative platform".

For example, within the framework Of the road map of digitalization of education, it is planned to introduce a system of automation of application in kindergartens, a system of electronic journals and diaries, 100% equipment with computer and multimedia equipment, and others.

Improving the quality of medical services is also planned through automation of processes. It should be noted that since January 1, 2018 Akmola region has entered into a pilot project for the transition to paperless management of medical records. As part of the Integrated medical information system, electronic patient offices and electronic health passports are introduced, in which any patient can make an online appointment with a doctor, get acquainted with the results of tests, diagnostic services and all medical records at any time convenient for him.

Thanks to the mobile application, targeted notifications and reminders about the need to undergo preventive examinations, various screenings, recommendations for a healthy lifestyle will be sent, patients will be able to receive remote consultations of a doctor.

The scheme of organization of information exchange of the situation center and portal platform "Smart Aqmola" will allow any resident of Akmola region to receive information and send their requests on emerging issues.

The purpose of creating and developing a smart region is to improve the quality, comfort and safety of people's lives, improve the urban environment, create opportunities for business development, simplify the interaction of citizens and organizations with government agencies. This makes it possible to reduce budget costs and improve the efficiency of public services.