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Housing and communal services

Mobile application "E-KSK" today launched in pilot mode. It is an information system that processes residents ' applications, publishes reports, conducts online voting and sends notifications to users. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Currently, 64 KSK, LLP and IP out of 64, i.e. 100%, are registered and work in it. The Department of housing inspection of Kokshetau is working on the dissemination of the system among the population and city authorities.

The program will ensure the transparency of the use of funds of the population, will allow the CSC to respond quickly to applications received from residents about the detection of violations in the intra-house engineering networks and eliminate them in a timely manner. In the future, for the convenience of the population, it is planned to form a Single payment document on the basis of E-KSK (conditions are currently being negotiated).

The system is implemented free of charge at the expense of private investments of the supplier.

This year it is planned to connect all KSK, LLP and IP of the region to this system.

Economic effect - ensuring transparency in the use of public funds by monitoring the activities of KSK and other service providers

Social effect-timely elimination of violations on intra-house engineering networks; identification of weaknesses in engineering intra-house networks and carrying out of high-quality repair.


It is planned to implement 2 projects. 1 - at the expense of the local budget, 2-on the mechanism of public-private partnership.

The "Smart-quarter" will include:

-Smart-housing and communal services: Shot-priborizatsiya (with data transmission), smart-lighting, automation of accounting of fixed assets (GIS, platform organization of collection and processing of electronic information).

-Smart-stop: air conditioning (heating, cooling), video surveillance, SOS button, pen WI-FI.

-Smart education: access control and control system, E-library, e-canteen, video surveillance, parent notification system.

-Smart-security: smart intercoms, secure yard (video surveillance with biometrics), ACS (barriers with number reading), smart traffic lights, pedestrian crossing (talking with lighting), fire alarm with Central post notification.In the future, on the example of this quarter, it is planned to implement the entire city of Kokshetau.

Social effect: housing and communal services – improving the quality and comfort of people's lives, a higher level of improvement, transparency of funds spent.

Security: reducing the crime rate due to video recording, increasing the number of solved crimes.

Education: 100% parent awareness of the child in school, transparency and reduction of corruption.