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Digitalization of the social sphere

«Electronic labor exchange»

In early 2018, the center for workforce development introduced an electronic labor exchange, which is a single digital platform for employment, providing opportunities for job search and assistance in recruitment. Registration on the portal, access to the database of vacancies and resumes, publication of vacancies, resumes and other information is provided around the clock and at no charge. The portal is available at

«Unified system of accounting of labor contracts»

In 2018, work was carried out with 117 employers to connect to the Unified system of accounting for labor contracts, after which 114 enterprises were integrated, 2063 electronic labor contracts were concluded. In 2019 it is planned to connect 1015 enterprises.

«Smart Сity Aqkol»

"Smart City Aqkol" — is the digitalization of the main spheres of life of the city, health facilities, education, life support infrastructure and security, rapid response and operational management decisions, control and monitoring of various objects and situations.

The project includes:

- demonstration and situation center for monitoring and rapid response to emergencies;

-fiber-optic communication lines to 9 objects: akimats of the district and the city, 4 schools, Central district hospital, police Department, House of culture;

-Wi-Fi-Internet access in the city (34 points) and in all public buses (8 units), "smart benches" on solar batteries (2 units).);

-automated traffic control system with controlled traffic lights (intersection Zone);

-video surveillance systems in public places, on roads, pedestrian crossings, in schools, hospital (62 cameras), 10 entrances of houses (28 cameras);

-"Smart Building" system (smoke/fire sensors, door opening, motion, video surveillance cameras with sound transmission and controller to collect information from sensors) in the akimat of the district and school No. 1;

-system of monitoring and transmission of data on the status of fire sensors in 8 objects (4 schools, 3 kindergartens, CRH);

-(7 LoRaWAN base stations, 4,500 water meters, 6,000 electricity meters for remote reading and metering);

-"smart" lamps (250 units), controlled remotely with the ability to reduce the brightness (2 streets and the Central square);

-air pollution sensors (Zed.);

-interactive map of the city on the Central square;

-орталық алаңда қаланың интерактивтi картасы;

-glass with LCD screen at the entrance to the city.