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Information systems "Geoinformation portal of Akmola region"  (with a virtual tour of tourist sites) and "Housing".

The Main purpose of creating a "Geoinformation portal of Akmola region" (hereinafter— tourist geoportal)  - promotion and popularization of the tourist potential of the region, attracting potential tourists. Tourist geoportal has a unique design, user-friendly interface, and there is a guide to sacred places with detailed information about the object and the exact location; attractions, museums, routes, hotels, restaurants, tourist routes of the region, public maps of the area (satellite, scheme, hybrid).

Ar mobile app is Additionally developed.

it includes:

-playback of content using augmented reality (AR) technology for 10 sacred objects (Abylay Khan glade, Baubek Batyr mausoleum, Beskapyr mausoleum, Botagay mausoleum, Kenesary Khan cave, Kosbatyr-Kumay memorial complex, Nahuan Hazret burial place, Okzhetpes mountain, Kabanbay mausoleum-Batyr, mausoleum olzhabay tolebayuly).

- audio guide in Kazakh, Russian, English, German for each object (31 of them);

- support Android version 4 and above;

- download updated data about tourist sites and routes from the geoportal;

at the moment the portal is accepted and put into trial operation.

in the future, the system will be integrated into the regional geographic information system.

in 2018, the Department of architecture and urban development of Akmola region implemented the information system "Housing Fund", which has electronic maps of settlements of the region with the updating of real estate and their addresses.

this geoportal module closes the tasks of communication with the population on land issues, allows you to identify the self-seizure of land, prirezki, etc. the System will be integrated with the systems of MIS, AIS GZK, PSC, GBD FL, Yul, PH. It should be noted that the above information systems are implemented in accordance with the uniform requirements for geoinformation portals of local Executive bodies.

"Information and analytical system of the situation center of Akmola region akimat" (IAS SC) link: 

the IAS Platform of the SC akimat of Akmola region is implemented according to a single architectural approach and serves as the basis for further integration of all information systems in the region. The implementation of this project is one of the first steps of the local Executive body to build forecasts for the development of various spheres on the basis of the constructed mathematical modules and analysis of the achievement of key indicators.

the System uses BI-Analytics, which is the main platform and tool for visualization, processing and monitoring of data.

as a result of the implementation of the IAS, the SC was covered by the automated collection and analysis of more than 800 indicators of socio-economic development and monitoring of operational data.

IAS SC Platform allows to integrate existing and emerging information, information and analytical systems.As such are the accounting systems of the region and the system of the Republican level, for example, electronic document management systems. Analytical works are presented in the form of dashboards by time and geographical breakdown with the publication of information on the map, analysis and forecasting of achievement of targets of individual industries.

the monitoring covered the Internet resources of the media and social networks on the topics of public administration, welfare of residents of Akmola region. The main task of media monitoring is to analyze the content of web and social pages by identifying keywords.