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Intelligent transport system

"Electronic public transport management system and cashless fare payment system".

In the cities of Kokshetau and Shchuchinsk there is a system of monitoring passenger traffic by means of GPS navigation.

Currently, the entire fleet of buses — 255 units involved in urban routes of the regional center (186 units) and Shchuchinsk (69 units) is equipped with GPS trackers.

Monitoring is carried out by busreport urban passenger transport dispatching software (kazintersoft LLP). The program allows you to track the work of each bus on the route with the fixation of violations: deviation from the interval and traffic patterns (ahead or behind schedule), speeding, not leaving the bus on the route, etc.

There is a free mobile application Infobus mobile, as well as web service  -

"Fare payment and control System"

Today in the regional center the automated system of control of payment of journey in public transport on a route No. 1 "school No. 12 — Regional hospital" is started in a pilot mode. The project envisages the introduction of a new automated system of control and payment of public transport in Kokshetau, integrated with the information system of dispatching urban passenger transport, which is designed for:

- organization and accounting of public transport fare;

- introducing modern fare payment methods;

- collection and analysis of passenger traffic data.

Both cash and non-cash forms of fare payment can be used and accounted for in the System. Various payment methods are available for the cashless form: contactless transport cards, Bank cards with transport application, contactless Bank cards, social cards (also based on contactless smart cards) and mobile payments (NFC).

The Project also involves the organization of a call center, the development of a mobile application, web service.